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This is a copy of the Ticker Tape on Page 1: As the world's folk are disunited into nations due to the historical evolvement of their varied racial physiques, tongues and traits etc. our homelands are each vulnerable to being separately attacked from within and without by the use of economic, political, cultural ( e.g. multi mixed ethnic soaps used as the new drug to socially soften we their now lost faith in a god masses ) means that make us more divided against ourselves and as soap softened etc. nations are with demonising slogans turned bitterly against each other sometimes in slaughterhouse wars ( For in this atom bomb symbolised barbaric age wars are mostly the Imperialists' business by military means ) as cannon fodder fooled to "Fight and die in a foreign field" to then let Folk Traitors give Our Lands and Folk into alien hands making each of our folk so much disheartened and weakened as to become so socially sick that we have no natural self defence drive left to give us the will to keep our species alive as all resistance to slavery and death has been bled out of us by a brazenly sly deadly work and war enfeebling social retrovirus that is embodied in a global webbed cabal of talented Indo Turk Khazar Pseudo Jewish Capitalist and Communist Comrade Commissars who by their aped "Wailing Wall" whines of being persecuted (Most likely - By their usury's vict- ims rising against being bled till dead by them ) have goofed our religious etc. softened 'Good doers' into letting them in and taking over our lands under the cloak of their hijacked Judaism thru which they have even fooled the True Jews who have thereby been reduced relative to their usurpers into a small minority with little power over their destiny and thereby are doomed to oblivion as we other folk famil ies will certainly be unless the PRODUCERS OF THE WORLD'S WEALTH UNITE AGAINST THE LEECHY COSMOPOLITE PARASITES by joining your nation's similar to ( PPPP ) PATRIOTIC PEOPLES'POWER PARTY who unitedly with we Anglo-Celt Brits and other Folk Family loyalists fight against being outwitted and sold down the river as gooned slaves by Folk Traitors - Life's Vilest Scum - who in Britain have arisen from the historical Norman invaders ruthless class caste flunkey ranked feudalisation of Our Folk who have been cursed with this yoke ever since for it fostered an anti native foreign arts etc. favouring ruling and academ- ica class over the subdued natives who by their Norman accented aloofly patro- nising "Master's Voice" commanding conquering class having an iron hand in a velvet glove were farmed into a Folk Unity destructive Folk Art barren landless working class of servile subjects who as brutally driven slaves built their conqueror's castles and palaces which nowadays their masters' aloofly allow for payment their slavish subjects to admire having been kept ignorant of and so completely unheeding of their forebears hellish sufferings ( Especially of their martyrs the Norman or native Folk Traitors tortured and dungeoned resist- ivist forebears ) as they were later taken over to be the peanut paid robotic slaves in the sweat shop industries owned by the European continent's inwandered alien money lenders via their profitable financing of the folk felt true Christian motivated republican revolution led by Cromwell against the arrogant absolute feudalist royalty which revolt sank into a debt loaded usury bled Capitalism under Rothschild and tribal kins' monetary dictatorship of the economy that they have politically fronted with a marionetted pompous royalty crowning a parliament of puppet politicians plus a Zionist cowed "Turn the other cheek" and "Love your enemy" self righteous and false 'Christian' clergy who have delusively misused the money lender whip- ping Christ's words to have us meekly submit to tyrants' rule as their like Zionised Folk Traitors the money corrupted bourgeoised union 'leaders' have to mislead many of us to be their Toady Collaborators and even the alien invaders' pimps and whores who meekly accept Folk Traitor betrayal of our forebears and military who fought for their blood sweat tear wrought home- land to be kept their folk loyal offsprings against Folk Traitors giving our Folk and Land into the hands of a few Pseudo Jew Khazar Capitalist and Communist Comrade Commissars who as an "Holier-Than-Thou" self segregating alien tribe of paranoid self sanctified God Chosen Elitist Racist Zionists believe their hijacked Judaism's rabid rabbis' racist ritualised religion's Dark Age arisen megalomaniacal myth making fantasy's conceived god ( Who if the world's glibbest fork tongued liars' tale is oddly true - must be a bigoted elitist racist ) has ordained them to rule the world from their biblically mythed "Promised Land" that is now their usury debt bonded and so dictated Security Council's ratified, ruthlessly Occupied Palest- ine ( One of the first of the many Zionist favouring SC crimes contrary to its UN charter ) and centre of their World Webbed Imperium of Usury by making Our Homelands Their Colonies wherein we and other of the world's folk - Thru our leechers' catalytic Liberal guised Anti-Folk confrontational disharmon- ising divide and conquer plus porn debase and erase with its queer pervers- ions of our men being womanised and women being manised Left- Right pincer politic - are made their enslaved Simple Simon Subjects who swallow our leechers' mind poisoning propaganda bullshit alleging they are their created god's Chosen Race etc. with the intent to meeken us to easier pickle jar bury us in the British Museum via their usury's leeched money manipulated media and puppet politicians plus many alien rooted top judges etc. who naturally make and inter- pret laws in their favour against Our Folk who they prejudicially keep in fear of being hounded out of job and home plus even denied hospital care and imprisoned etc. for their Folk Patriotism against their leechers' applied scientific social psychology etc. which they use to e.g. indoctrinate us to believe our natural resistivist expressions of Folk Family patriotism is a bigot's institutionalised racism ( As truly is the xenophobic elitist racist Pseudo-Jews who claim a homeland for themselves tho as supremacists they suppress other folk wan- ting the same right ) and that they are sufferers of their alleged made by us ( Their despised goys ) holocausts ( Whose truth in Freedom's name they forbid us to question which in their more shackled colonies is a criminal offence that to many folk screams they are afraid of being proved liars ) so that they can easier make us accept their dictatorship in which they naturally under a banner of anti racism and internationalism assert their own elitist racism and imperialism as their propaganda bands trumpet that other aliens besides themselves are economically, culturally etc. good for us ( e.g. by bleeding to death our social service finances for Our Folk's pensions and health care etc. and culturally plaguing us with their inter conflictive Dark Age beliefs ) as an excuse to mass import ever more for evermore much faster breeding alien cheaper labour and shyster 'refugees' used to divisively dilute us and so easier extract the max profit from us and enforce the multi mixed race genetic genocide of Our Folk by outlawing any resistivist to the treacherous leechers' enforcibly encouraging the miscegenational suicide of Our Folk thru their controlled schools and media etc. demoting Our Folk by promoting aliens to be our parasite rulers' made overseers over us e.g. doctors, police, newsreaders and teachers of Our Children etc. which Folk Loyalists daily see being stuffed into us thru our democidists' TV and adverts etc. - against which all opposition they ruthlessly try to deny - and thereby bury us into history's cesspit as the leechers' cattlelised masses who are propaganda programmed to accept being clone and test tube bred to be the leechers' bled until dead cheapest possible work and war fodder conned and cowed biorobotic Shabbath Goy gits who thru the favouring of breeding those with a dependency "Wait for boss to order us" mentality vacuously work fight and die ( In e.g. the now for civvy mugs and sucker cannon fodder bugled "Global War against terrorism" which is being pitilessly used as a Global mopping up war against Anti Zionists e.g. by using the USA and UK Zionist colonies' state terrorism against Iraq primarily to ensure the security of the Pseudo Jews' occupation of Palestine and use Iraq's oil to pay for the invasion and occupation plus profitably have their oil supplies for which crime they are luring the world's folk to accept their 'legitimation' of ) to their Zionist leechers' imperialist lust for world power gratify which they will get    ( For Zionism is the racist minimum minority's dictatorship over the maximum majority of the world's folk making it the peak of elitist racism and imperialism ) unless those of us with the wits and guts give our answer to the question of Our Folk "To be, or not to be" in a by nature legalised self preservation primary economic war which is the only way to win Our Folk's political - military - cultural power to get and keep their freedom ( Instead of wasting time trying to win over the Folk Traitors' turncoat collaborators that over centuries of tyrannical rule has favoured their breeding so that to any ruling leechers command they will toadily bow which is the cause of their own slavery and so are treated as moronic children by their rulers ) by unitedly fighting to as ruthless as they are against us smite the vile Folk Traitor shite and their brought Cosmopolite Parasite bosses with their usury borne Folk Family destructive deadly blight primarily caused by we not cleansing out of our social body the addling filth that births Folk Traitors and Parasites ..Cambrogie Manumit... FPW